The Thrifty Project cooks up a storm!


Recently I have begun catering for events as a side project. Although I’ve been doing intimate dinner parties here and there, by far and large the biggest event I have organised so far was a birthday party for 100 people in June.



My friend Emma and I began preparing a feast to remember at approximately 9 am on the day of the party. We cooked 100 Sausage Rolls, 100 spicy prawn cocktail cups, 100 beef yorkshire puddings with rocket and horseradish, 50 smoked mackerel blini’s, 100 broad bean and mint crostini’s, 100 pulled pork pies and 10 quiches with a mix of two homemade flavours: sun blush tomatoes and goats cheese, and mushroom and pancetta, phew!




For dessert we prepared strawberry shortbreads with rosewater cream and, my cousin kindly created a gorgeous cake for the birthday girl!


The evening was an absolute success and all attendees thanked myself and Emma for all our hard graft!

If you are interested in catering for any sort of event, be it a birthday party, a children’s party, a dinner party or a sunday afternoon tea, you can email me on I’ll be more than happy to arrange a spread suited to your budget.

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